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Seriously, this is a very special WordPress course. I have tried to make it very easy and also very creative and artistic for beginners to create your own stunning website in just a few hours by completing this course. PLUS it has special editing techniques and I try to look after high quality tutorials so that you feel like you are having the best learning experience ever!

& amp; Most importantly, no fluff, I like STRAIGHT TO THE POINT VIDEOS to save your time and get your website up and running in no time!

What is WordPress?

WORDPRESS supports more than 30% of all online websites including large websites like (Mercedes Benz, Xerox, eBay Inc., BestBuy etc.). It’s the amazing tool for building and developing a website with no coding or web design experience and you don’t even want to know anything about web design to make a beautiful website because WordPress has all of these stunningly beautiful themes. We also use the most advanced page builder to date in WordPress: BRIZY Page Builder, the most advanced page builder to date in WordPress, a very intuitive page builder that lets you customize your elements using the DRAG & amp; DROP method and edit your elements by selecting and adjusting them in the field.

What is really amazing is that you can easily customize your website to showcase different business brands and modules as you can choose from a wide variety of presets and templates. Also, I’ll show you how to master the tools so you can safely tweak designs to create a robust website for your business or any purpose.

Some reviews from my previous WordPress courses!

“I’ve bought over 15 courses on WordPress and other website development courses and Khalil is by far the best on the market. I still don’t understand how I wanted to get so much valuable information for just $ 10.” . I’ve paid thousands of dollars to multiple institutions over my years and I’ve never learned that much content. Thank you, Khalil Ibrahim. “Albert Abramchuk

“This is one of the best WordPress courses I have ever bought from Udemy. It is very applicable to the real world and I am getting new web design clients who will pay me more. I can only recommend this course. ” Marvin Chibuye

“Great WordPress course, Instructor covered all the features well and the approach is very friendly. Overall, it’s a great Elementor course and it’s valuable. Thanks” Qamar Faisal

“What I really like about this course, that it really seems to be for all levels, is slowly taking you to excellence.” James Donald

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Why is this a complete WordPress MasterClass?

  • In this WordPress course, we learn web design and demonstrate design theories and fundamentals, including design ratios, colors, fonts and more, in order to achieve the best possible design visualization for our web design and development, including the latest design trends and tools .
  • Also, learn how to use the Brizy and WordPress theme to create a beautiful WordPress ecommerce online store that will attract your customers and best show your products to aspects and presentations to design. Manage all of the store’s customizations, including taxes, shipping, and sales & amp; even discount coupons.
  • This is a very practical course. I’ll walk you through each step. Together we will create your WordPress website step by step. When you complete this course, your website will be designed with your customization and the best of it will be made of it.
  • You will learn how to create and do web development for your WordPress website for free, with the exception of hosting Plans, but everything else I am going to show you all the free methods to do this like the premium for Brizy Page Builder too. I’m going to teach you how to design a beautiful website with FREE and PREMIUM versions so that anyone can create a website regardless of their budget.
  • Learn how to blog and post articles with free and Publish premium methods.
  • How to market your website’s brand and products through Facebook campaigns and ads
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Summary of what you will get from this course:

  • Do you know WordPress web development.

WordPress Online Hosting, Domains & amp; Subdomains.

  • How to optimize images and create a creative art direction with Photoshop.
  • Master the brand new Brizy Page Builder.
  • How to design your own beautiful Modern Responsive website with WordPress on the web.
  • You know how to design web pages, menus, sidebars and footers.
  • Apply design rules to create a professional, beautiful and modern website for any purpose.
  • You know how to set up contact pages and the WordPress contact form.
  • How to set up email registration forms for email marketing on your website.
  • how to find and install plugins.
  • Publish articles on your WordPress website and set up a blog
  • Complete the tutorial on the Woocommerce WordPress eCommerce plugin.
  • Create a 24/7 online WordPress ecommerce store.
  • Learn how to create discount coupons and sales offers.
  • How to convert your website in https Secure (encrypted connection and SEO ranking development).
  • How to control your online shop in all details (shipping, taxes, payments, etc.).
  • How to secure She Your WordPress website in an emergency.
  • Increase the SEO ranking for your website with analytics, webmaster tool and SEO plugins.
  • You know how your website is performing with caching plugins.
  • How to create official professional domain emails.
  • Migrate WordPress websites and move websites to different hosts and servers.
  • Learn how to create Facebook campaigns and ads.
  • Learn how to use Facebook pixels to track your ads.
  • How to create a Facebook – Ecommerce Store Page.
  • How to Link Your Facebook Page to Your Website for Business Branding & amp; Marketing.

I tried to make this WordPress web development course so focused that it was so complete in no time that it handles any load times or excludes any bla bla that is not useful to the students.

The instructor is what makes the course special, right?

Khalil Ibrahim is a chief designer who rose to this title after having worked in many international advertising agencies with over 15 years of design experience and using various design tools such as WordPress. In addition to traveling around the world, you will get to know various design schools, trends and art directions. and who was really careful not only to make sure you understand WordPress, technical details and concepts, but also to really learn it in a creative way and use it artistically like a creative professional.

Register now and start building your professional creative website today!

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Free Course
  • What you will learn
  • Create a company website or a website of a category with WordPress.
  • Create a beautiful Modern Responsive website for phones and tablets with WordPress.
  • Online hosting, subdomains, choosing your domain name and WordPress installation.
  • How to optimize images and create a creative art direction for web design with Photoshop.
  • They know how to design pages, menus, sidebars, and footers, and create a professional and modern website.
  • You know how to set up contact pages and the WordPress contact form
  • How to set up email marketing sign up forms on your website.
  • how to find and install plugins.
  • Complete tutorial on the WordPress E-Commerce Woocommerce plugin.
  • Build an online ecommerce store 24/7.
  • Learn how to create discount coupons and sales offers.
  • How to convert your WordPress website to https Secure (encrypted connection).
  • This is how you control your online shop in every detail (shipping, taxes, payments, etc.).
  • How To Secure Your WordPress Website To Be Safe!
  • Increase the SEO ranking for your website.
  • They know how to speed up your wordpress website with caching plugins.
  • how to create official professional domain emails.
  • Master Brizy WordPress Page Builder
  • Set up an online blog.
  • Learn how to create Facebook campaigns and ads.
  • Learn how to use Facebook pixels to track your ads.
  • How to Create a Facebook Ecommerce Store Page
  • How to Link Your Facebook Page to Your Business Branding & Marketing Website.
  • Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • Suitable for absolute beginners. No programming or design experience required.
  • Who this course is for:
  • Do you want to establish your online business \ entrepreneurship.
  • Those who want to learn how to build websites using freely available tools should take this course at the lowest possible cost.
  • want to sell your products online.
  • You are someone who wants to create a wordpress website for your business, hobby, or personal life.
  • They want you to be guided through the entire process of creating a WordPress website from start to finish.
  • If you want to design a beautiful website and learn to design through it.
  • I want to master the WordPress plugin Brizy Page Builder.
  • Set up an online wordpress blog

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