Die gefälschte Chrome-App wird mit Smishing viral

“What is Smishing”

New Android malware is spreading these days and has already reached hundreds of thousands of people. It mimics the Google Chrome app and uses smile attacks to steal credentials. In addition, the campaign uses various technologies to avoid security solutions for mobile devices.

What’s going on?

According to the researchers, the campaign took place in many European countries in early May. It can spread to other countries because of its advertising rate.
The attack begins with a game of laughs where the target receives a text message asking them to pay the customs fees for issuing a package. Once you click on it, a message will appear asking you to update the Chrome app.
Irresponsible users will be redirected to malicious websites when malicious applications are downloaded onto their phones under the pretext of updating. Then take the victim to a phishing site and ask them to pay a small amount (1 or 2). This is just the victim’s attempt to collect credit card information.

Fake application

The fake Chrome app used for advertising can send up to 2000 SMS messages per week from infected devices.
These messages are sent daily over a period of two or three hours.
The Recipients ‘phone numbers are not from the victims’ phone books. However, it works in an organized way. Meanwhile, malware is hidden on infected devices using the official name and icon of the Chrome app.

Close lines

By combining effective phishing techniques, malicious advertising techniques, and various theft techniques, a campaign can spread quickly without being detected. Therefore, it is recommended that users use mobile security solutions with a large data set for mobile threat telemetry.

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