Biden cybersecurity order approval new order for administration software

President Joe Biden on Wednesday ordered the creation of a crash-style electronic review committee and new software standards for government agencies in the US that are causing turmoil over digital interference.

Biden cybersecurity order approval new order for administration software
United States

Measures under the executive order include setting up an organization to investigate serious violations, similar to the National Transportation Safety Board investigations launched after the plane crash. This includes the implementation of new security standards for software purchased by government agencies.

The contract aims to digitally blackmail the Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel transport company, causing panic and fuel shortages in the southeastern United States.

It appears that some of the recommendations are aimed at preventing a repeat of attacks by SolarWinds, a Texas software company whose software has been seized in order to break into government agencies and steal emails from thousands of officials.

The regime is continuing a series of dramatic or harmful interventions in US interests. In addition to the colonial digital ransom demands and agreements for Solar Winds, foreign hackers used microbuses to retrieve data from U.S. government targets, according to sources Reuters did not intend to pay the company to. Risks are also used. In software developed by Software and Avanti.

“It harnesses government spending power to improve software security,” said Today.

Other rules described in this regulation require the use of multi-factor authentication. Effectively use second philosophy passwords and encryption for both stored data and communication.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the executive’s decision was a good first step, but the US would “prevent government-backed hackers or criminals from exploiting our system for profit or espionage.” Everything.

“Congress should take further steps to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities,” he said.

(Herald of Christopher Bing and Nandita Boss. Joint reporting by Rafael Steer and Steve Holland. Edited by David Gregorio, Stephen Coates and Lincoln Call).

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